Birthday Bliss: Day Two

I'm reminded today of why I took up blogging. Because the events from just a few days ago are already fuzzy enough to blend in with the dryer lint. (I also blog because it gives me an excuse to avoid the dryer and all its lint-filled glory. But that's another story for another day.)

You could argue that Day Two of Birthday Bliss didn't really begin until Daddy showed up to pick Caed up from school. After some hugging and jumping and a month's worth of "Guess what Daddy!", Caed turned to the matters most pressing. "So, is it time yet to open presents!?"

And without further adieu, the unwrapping began. It was impossible to capture the glee on his face, simply because he couldn't take his eyes off his newly acquired treasures.

In the picture below, he is announcing that two of his most favorite things have become one ridiculously cool combination: STAR WARS LEGOS!!!
Oh, and do you see that baseball glove? It's official. He's a lefty.

Anyway, to continue on with the spoiling, we enjoyed a dinner of his choosing and an ice cream cake. But the biggest surprise of all came with the announcement that after dinner, he and his friend Chase (and their respective Dads) would be attending the Demolition Derby at the motor speedway that very evening.

What better way to turn five than to witness trucks and cars crashing, flipping, speeding, racing, and smashing?
He returned home way past his bedtime, eyes heavy yet somehow still twinkling, and proclaimed the evening out as "Awesome." Then added, "And you won't believe it, Mom, but I also got POPCORN!"

Well, if that isn't the buttery crunchy icing on the cake.

It was a very good day. Make that two very good days.
And while we're at it--make that five wonderful years. Here's to many more!

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