She Cannot Stand a Standstill

Those little feet were tap, tap, tapping. And not in an Irish jig way. In a it's time to get goin', under my feet, baby, grass is growin' way.

Those little legs belong to the girl who shouted at her mother to "go faster!" as she kicked back in the jogger and giggled. (It was a very effective personal training technique, no matter how much her mother complained).

Those cotton-clad toes wiggled while we idled at the stoplight this morning. And when she could no longer stomach the standstill, she bellowed in the deepest tone available in 2T size, "C'MON PEOPLE!!" (And then repeated it about a dozen more times after she heard her mommy snicker.)

Oh yes, she heard the "C'MON PEOPLE!" line from the lady driver up front. More than once, if you can imagine. And don't be fooled by that lady's flip-flops and freckles and babbling on about days at the beach. That lady is not even slightly laid back.

And apparently neither is her little girl.

Again, don't let her pensive, peaceful look deceive you. Had you seen her before or after the snap of this shot, you'd know she was squirming on the door step plotting her escape.

Because C'MON PEOPLE! We have places to go, people to see, and we simply cannot stand a standstill.

She is my little girl, after all.


I'm linking this up to Melissa's Show & Tell Monday. She taught us several weeks ago to attempt portraits in the door frame to make use of the light without it coming straight in the subject's face. As you can see from the photo, my subject was less than cooperative. She scooted right into the sun and promptly began enacting her exit strategies. So I resorted to taking a picture of her feet. Her feet may never stop moving, but at least they don't squint.
And I swear Melissa is a far better teacher than my show and tell posts let on. Really and truly!

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