A Time to Laugh

There is a time to cry and a time to laugh. And Friday? Friday is a time to laugh.
Even if we must resort to laughing about falling down.

My mom taught me never to laugh at the misfortune of others, but I'm going to ignore her just this once because OH MY WORD, if ever there was a reason to make an exception, it's this little video clip:

So when you're done laughing with me, then go laugh with Amber for Friday Funnies. There's bound to be enough funny on Friday to propel us all into the weekend with a smile, right?

But a quick word of advice: When you step out to enjoy the weekend, do it with flat shoes on your feet. Because apparently even the professionals are rendered weeble-wobbly in the ever lovely but terribly dangerous platform shoes. (Oh, and it looks like I get the award for referencing the obscure 70s toy known as the Weeble Wobble three times in just one week. I hope the award is a Weeble Wobble, because those little things crack me up in a mature three year old sort of way.)

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