I'm Only a Kid

No sooner did I write about my weeble wobbleness, then I read this excerpt from Prince Caspian (part of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis):

"Welcome Prince," said Aslan. "Do you feel yourself sufficient to take up the kingship of Narnia?"

"I, I don't think I do, Sir," said Caspian. "I'm only a kid."

"Good," said Aslan. "If you had thought yourself sufficient, it would have been proof that you were not."

"Therefore under us and under the high king, you shall be king......"

I am coming to terms with the foolishness of my faith. How it makes one so vulnerable and dependent and insufficient and yet so protected and capable and fully equipped.

At 35, I can't say "I'm only a kid." But I often feel like one. My feet seem too small to fill the shoes. My patience, too short to measure up.

"I'm only a failure," I say as I fumble for an excuse not to step forward.

And that's when He reminds me that what I am (a kid, a failure) is not the point. It is what He has made and will make of me that matters.

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