Da 'Curls

Note: This post is written primarily in Dani-lish. Please refer here if you need translation assistance.

Mama! Da 'curls go too past!

Dey p'ay peekaboo wid me!

Not weady to go. I say bye to the 'curls pirst.

Haha, dey so punny. Wait! Come BACK HERE 'CURL! I say bye TO YOU!

(Yater, on da way home)
Mama, da 'curls don't yike me to go to deir t'eehouse. Dey p'ay hide n seek. Dey bouncy when I pind dem.

Dat was pun, Mama. I wuv da 'curls. Do YOU wuv da 'curls Mama?

No, not really, Darlin'. But I love the way you do.

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