All Stocked Up

It snowed exactly one week ago. Yesterday it rained. And rained. The sun rose today in response to our demands for an apology and offered a contrite message in the sky. In invisible ink, of course.

"I've erased all the clouds!" she said. "Even the nice ones. And today, just today, I'll bend a few degrees closer. Enough to put the sweat back into your sweatshirts. Enough to brush a summer blush on your cheeks."

Apology accepted.

We wore coats only out of habit. We didn't need them. And we ditched them halfway through our exploration of the old Fort by the sea.
I would have gone crazy snapping photos of the children had it not been for the ever precarious posing places. How can I tell them to relax and smile in one breath and then yell a panicked, "DON'T MOVE" in the next? Yes, I think we'll just stick to the scenic stuff sans kids. And you'll just have to trust me that the kids had a grand old time.

The squirrels store up acorns for the winter. Little Sal's mother stores up blueberries for the winter. Talented mommy bloggers store up apple pie filling and canned pesto and salsa and who knows what else for the winter.

I store up photos for the winter. I inhale Autumn and exhale memories. My mental pantry is teeming from today alone. We're all stocked up on beautiful days.

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