Taking Flight, or Maybe Just Candy

I have a pitiful track record when it comes to Halloween pictures. Last year I forgot my camera entirely. This year I didn't think to take pictures until after dark. I snapped maybe three shots of Caed and Dani together, even though I know it takes at least 50 attempts to capture two simultaneous forward-looking smiles.

So I'm drawing from the morning dress rehearsal instead. Here is Caed, who was actually the "black spiderman" for trick-or-treating but decided to wear the "regular spiderman" this morning to battle the princess.
Yes, you heard me. Spiderman picked a fight with the princess. But don't feel sorry for her. It turns out a tiara can be a very dangerous weapon. Plus, she stole black spiderman's mask, so really, this princess is doing juuust fine without a prince to save her. She does, however, need to learn to share and be nice.
At the final hour, Dani decided she'd rather be a butterfly (a repeat from last year) than a princess. It turns out she was really just after the wings. She put on the wings, skipped around the house and wondered, "Why dey not f'ying? My wings aren't working!"

Once we established that the wings work only for pretend flying, she seemed to come to terms with her own gravity. That isn't to say she didn't try spreading her arms and looking to the sky a time or two more.
And really, who needs wings when you can soar in the sugar heights of kit-kats and milk duds?

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