You Say You've Got a Resolution

I resolve.

To speak kindly to the dog, because she's a person too. (Well, I mean, she thinks she is, and who am I to burst her bubble?)

To make more snickerdoodles and never ever ever run out of cinnamon.

To not size my entire self worth according to the number of words the editor assigns.

To reject all guilt not addressable by change or confession.

To stop eating all the potty training M&Ms.

To actually listen instead of waiting for my turn to speak.

To find recipes for the fourteen kinds of leafy greens and squash before they wilt and rot. Oh, and to actually make the recipes I find. Before I wilt and rot.

To figure out a red-headed version of smokey eyes and go for it. Maybe I should just make that to wear make-up one day out of each week. And to pray that the au natural look comes back next Fall.

What do you resolve?

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