The Random Roundup

Since three of you (my mom included) requested the recipe for the bread I bragged about not burning, here you go:
Apple Banana Bread
And if it turns out to be not so great, just keep in mind that we have relatively low standards for food around here (see the undercooked chicken reference of 1998).

Also, my friend Erin, who spills her sense of humor and depth of soul all over her blog Together for Good, gave me a little blog award. Real quick about Erin...She's so much fun, and even though I only met her over the internet, I feel like I could walk into her messy house (that's her sayin' it, not me!) and give her a big ol' hug and scoop up her adorable baby girl, and it would be like we had known each other since the second grade. Except that when she was in the second grade, I probably was in junior high. And it might have messed with my sleek 12 year old image to sing a duet of Germs the Invisible Dog with a second grader.

So perhaps we would have been BFFs onward from the college/high school years. Either way, she's wonderful, and that Honest Scrap award is from her. And even though I'm supposed to tell you ten things about myself and tag people, I don't feel like it. And I know Erin would approve because she's super chill. Just one more thing I love about her.

Also, I'm running 8.8 miles in a relay on Sunday, and I'm not sure how this came to be. My back woke me up super early this morning to ask me who I'm kidding. And I don't know what to tell my back, let alone the rest of my body. So whenever you wake up, before you put on your make-up, will you say a little prayer for me?

Finally, I decided to link up this post to the Saturday Evening Blog Post at Elizabeth Esther's place. It's a great idea, I think, to give folks a chance to share their favorite post from the month and provide a place to snoop around in search of good reads and new connections. Check it out if you get the chance!

Have a great weekend!

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