A is for Apple, but the Answer is (C) All of the Above

A is for Apple Picking. And Apple Picking is for Photo Taking.


We went to the orchard to coax Macouns and Cortlands from their treehouses, and it took all of ten minutes to fill our bags. We spent the next hour following the children around with our cameras, catching them being cute and harvesty, prodding them to say "apples and cheese!"

The kids found their way onto a low bent branch that apparently couldn't take the stress of standing tall. If only that branch had known. Standing tall would have been a hundred times easier than hosting rodeo time with a gaggle of preschoolers masquerading as cowboys.

"YeeHah!" they yelled.

"Look over here and say apples!" we shouted.

"Okay, okay, just say 'YeeHah', but look over here, would ya!"

I imagined Caed might be bummed that we went apple picking without him. (It was of course the first thing Dani announced upon seeing him, so there was no hiding the fun). But he took it in stride, and promptly put in his snack order for a "pinkish" apple.

As we drove home, I asked, "So, I need your help to decide--should we make apple pie or apple crisp?"

"Well," Caed replied, "You got lots of apples, right? I'm pretty sure there is enough for you to make apple pie AND apple crisp. So you don't even need to decide! Isn't that great, Mom?"

I know I'm biased, but that boy is brilliant.

So, what do you prefer--the pie or the crisp? (And I'm only asking out of curiosity, not to help me decide. Because that decision has been made by the five year old. We are most definitely making both.)

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