A Walk in the Wide Wide World

This morning we went for a walk in the wide, wide world.We spotted a fuzzy caterpillar trying to cross a train track and safaried through a towering reed jungle, scaring off the white heron with our amateur monkey impressions.

The little ones posed on boardwalk bridges; and in exchange for a few canned smiles, they found opportunities to swing from a 2x4 like the aforementioned monkeys, feet dangling freely over the marsh. And because it's all fun and games until a child requires extraction from the cold murky water, we wisely cut the photo shoot short. No more monkeys swinging on the bridge!
She made it a very long way before she wanted to be carried. She plodded through the thick forest where she claimed the lights were off, and up to the waterfall where it was debatable whether the excitement was attributable to the rushing water or the long anticipated arrival of snack time.

And speaking of snacks, I may have to limit those in the future. Because girl, you're getting heavy! I only carried her a half mile, if that. But my back complained the entire day about it and is still holding a bit of a grudge.
As I carried her, she leaned in against my cheek a few times and giggled out a dozen reps of my name. She tugged at my sleeve and petted my hair, and when I told her to stop, she simply replied, "But I holdin' on, Mama. I jus' holdin' on."

Thanks, Sweetheart. I should have know that if anyone could simultaneously melt my heart and break my back, it would be you.

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