Another Reason (Not that I needed one)

On Tuesday, my friends and I discovered another reason to love Maine.

Pineland Farms + Autumn = Me Blown Away (along with some leaves).

I was blown away by the scenery.
And the smiles. (This is the part where we told them to say "cheese" at the creamery, where they were watching the stirring of a 1500 pound vat of cheese, glorious cheese.)

And the locals. Who gave us a very warm (and slobbery) welcome.
Well, not this guy. He thought was too good for us. And he was right.
And did I mention the wiggle room? Wow.

And the opportunities for random photos of farm equipment that I thought looked artsy, but is most likely a gigantic automated pooper scooper or something manure related.

And now I have to come up with a much better way to end this post than to reference cow dung.
Hmm, lemme see.

Oh, I've got it! Let's just do a repeat of the smiles, shall we?
Insert contented peaceful sigh raaahyeeet Here.

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