The Halls Are Alive

The halls are alive with the sound of music.

Okay, well, calling it music might be a bit of a stretch. But the halls are most definitely alive with the sound.

And what is it they say? "One person's headache is another person's music?" Something like that.

Admittedly, if Julie Andrews were here to listen in, I don't think Maria would be the most pressing problem to solve.

We brought home a set of congas today. It was a birthday gift to the Man, whose enthusiasm for the idea of Family Jam Night predates the existence of our family.

Two kids and a husband beating the bang out of congas is music to the heart, if not the ears. And even though I really identify with the quiet old lady character in Goodnight Moon, and even though I'm a chronic shusher, I loved every bit of our noisy togetherness.

Love, it is palpable. And happiness, it is heard.

Using my best inside voice to share this very loud gift as part of Tuesdays Unwrapped, hosted by Chatting at the Sky.

(Also, I feel compelled to point out that I'm now aware both kids are wearing a full helping of spaghetti sauce on their faces in the pictures above. Lovely!)

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