Little Scouts

When your only neighbors are the deer and the evergreens of the Forest Preserve, it's only natural that a boy and his father should go exploring. Just like Indian scouts.

On Thanksgiving day, these two scouts paddled out in search of adventure. Though Dad was all for getting into character, he opted to sit instead of stand. Good call, Dad.

Some of the other tribe members tested the waters as well.
And came back to report that the waters were quite hospitable (so long as you didn't get splashed). Brrr.

Caed's imagination latched on to the Indian scout idea, and he stayed in character in nearly every outdoor moment. So the next day, when Dani tagged along with Daddy and Caed for a walk in the snowy woods, she was severely admonished by her big brother for her excessive chattiness.

"Dani, you have to be quiet! We're Indian scouts, and we have to sneak around and be super quiet!"

"But I can't be quiet, Caed!" She explained.

(Such profound truth from such a wee little Indian.)

Finally, after a long (not quiet) walk in the woods, Caed and Daddy brought Little Loud Mouth back to base camp to scout out some Hot Cocoa.

A perfect ending to any adventure.

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