Flashback Friday: Man's Best Friend (Emphasis on Man's)

"Is Calli a boy or a girl dog?" Caed asked.

"She's a girl," I replied.

"Well, if she's a girl, then why does she follow Daddy around everywhere and like him the best, but not you?"

Good question, Son.

I think I can trace the shift in loyalty back to the point in time when Daddy allowed her to sleep on the bed. She was but a wee pup, the runt of the litter, and she couldn't bear the thought of spending the whole night on the floor beside our bed. It was just too far away by springer standards. So after she whimpered and whined for 20 minutes, your Daddy asked, "What can it hurt to let her up?"

Well, you know what they say. If you give a dog an inch, they'll take a mile. Or maybe just the spot on your pillow.

When you were first born, Calli made a habit of moving to my spot (my pillow!!) every time I got up to feed you. She'd hear you cry, wait a few minutes for me to vacate the premises and then plop herself down right on the sheet as if it was exactly where she belonged.

One night when I was particularly tired, I confess I slept through a solid five minutes of your cries. But Calli didn't.She heard the crying, waited the appropriate five minutes and then moved up to her rightful spot at the head of the bed--my pillow.

Only problem? I was still on it. Oh yes she did. That dog circled twice and laid down directly on my face.

Needless to say, I woke up. Quickly.

If you ask her about the situation, she'd probably concoct some excuse about how she was emulating Lassy. But, you know, instead of the typical Timmy's stuck in the well....she was trying to tell us Caed needs to eat! Yeah, nice try, girl.

The truth is, she only has eyes for Daddy. She just uses me to get to my pillow.


Your turn! It's an open theme today, so anything goes as long as it requires you to go back in time a bit. You can link up an old post, write a new story about an old memory, post embarrassing 80s pictures, you get the idea. Just be sure to link to your specific post and not just your blog.

Happy Friday!

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