And Again with the Christmas Stuff

I should really finish the rest of the Christmas recap for Nana before the blue moon rises and the new year dawns.

So let's get to it. First, allow me to play right into the geographic cliche.

Yes that really is a Lobster Trap Christmas Tree. And it even lights up at night. And yes, even after more than two years, I'm still a wee bit infatuated with Maine. (Though admittedly, I'm always tempted to "take a break" from my dear state the minute February rolls around).

Cut to the Christmas morning scene. Incessant smiling and pillaging.
By mid-morning, it became clear to my wise husband that the only way to keep our wits about us was to escape the toy store that threw up in our family room get outside for a breath of fresh air.
So we did.
And it was good.

And that is all.

Let the blue moon rise. Let the new year dawn.

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