I'm (Im)Perfectly Happy

Did you know there was such a thing as "ocean effect" snow?
I didn't either.

My husband even asked me, "Are you just calling it that? Or is there really such a thing?"

Oh yes there is. The weather channel told me there is. And then I saw it--felt it--with my very own eyes. I went for a run in it, and carried home a few flakes on my eyelashes. It sure beats mascara.

Do you know what else is crazy about today? I accidentally created coffee art.

I swear I didn't plan this emoticon that showed up in my latte. It must have been the way the spoon rested while the shots poured. I probably cannot duplicate it. So I was sure to document it.

In other bizarre news, I think my personality was switched on Christmas Eve. I was so laid back and chill and go with the flow that Larry probably wondered on more than one occasion whether I needed to be resuscitated.

And since I wasn't trying to will every last second into unison with my plans, I enjoyed these messed-up moments so very much. I tasted the minutes like a snooty glass twirler. I swirled and sniffed and sipped. I savored it.

And I loved it.

And what is more amazing is that even today was happy. Even today was chill. Today. The day that I ran out to the "the Walmarts" with a toddler, during lunch time, to buy batteries for aforementioned toddler's new boom box. (Thank you Grandma, she will love it. I might have to hide it on occasion, if only to SURVIVE MY DAY, but she will love it.)

But as I was saying, even today, in the nightmare that was (and always is) Walmart, I stayed in my happy rhythm.

It is a Christmas miracle. The ocean effect snow, the face in the froth, the smiles amid the big box aisles, the perfect delight in the imperfection that is family time.
Merry Boxing Day.

So, how was your Boxing Day?

p.s. Don't worry, Mom, I promise I will get around to the lengthy Christmas recap. Even this apparent overdose on chill pills will not thwart the traditional over-documentation of our holiday.

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