Happy New Year from Bloggyland!

I tiptoed into Bloggyland exactly a year ago today when I moved our family website from iWeb to Blogger. A little while later, I made my first comment on a "stranger's" blog. I think it was Amber who brought me out of hiding. She has such an enchanting writing voice, I couldn't NOT comment when given the opportunity. And of course there was Shannon, the matriarch of sappy mommy blogging, whose wit, authenticity and wisdom encouraged me on a daily basis. When she offered free Little Debbies to the best new year's resolution haiku, I didn't really have a choice but to jump in with both feet.

I used to think it was weird (and lame) to spend even five minutes reading, let alone commenting, on what random people had to say about their lives. And now? Well, in the next few days, I'm meeting up with one such random person for a playdate.

(My husband would like to interject that, if he said he had a "playdate with someone he met online", he would get in big trouble. And he would be correct.)

I had no idea that blogging would be more than a way to record memorable family moments. I had no idea I would "meet" people and form real friendships. I had no idea I would grow to enjoy this outlet this much.

For the record, I still think it's weird. If my mom was the one blogging, I would totally make fun of her. (Confession. She WAS the one blogging back in 2005, Xanga style. And I DID mercilessly mock her for it.)

All this to say (which is my clue to you that I just wasted the above five paragraphs of your time leading up to a quasi point), I've really enjoyed my journey into Bloggyland this year.

Happy New Year!

And now....the year in posts...the first line from the first post of every month in 2009. Because inquiring minds want to know have long ago stopped reading this blog.

January: Happy New Year! (A video of the kiddos).

February: On Rejoicing & The Ridding of Rubbish. The trucker rattling along in the right lane surely heard us singing loud and clear, over and out...

Taking Care of Business (As Usual). What do you call it when you get a winter storm (in March) that drops over a foot of snow at your doorstep...

"I Do it Myselt". "Mr. Fear? No, I don't believe we've ever met. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go freak my mom out with my sweet balancing moves."

There's an App for That. Missing your Nana from far, far away?

June: So Darlin', Save the Last Flush for Me. The toilet gurgled and the toddler giggled. It was the classic soundtrack for mischief.

July: Do it Yourself Sunshine. When you're ten years shy of a teenager, sun is (fortunately) not a necessary ingredient for a delightful afternoon at the beach.

August: Happiness Wins: Part I. It all started Thursday night when my saintly husband surprised me with a sought after bib in the Beach to Beacon 10k and volunteered to hold down the fort on Saturday morning while I ran.

September: Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down. And this is motherhood. I pray for a spring in my step and get a slinky in my shoe.

October: A Walk in the Wide, Wide World. This morning, we went for a walk...

November: Nature Rarer Uses Yellow. Nature rarer uses yellow, than another hue...

December: Little Scouts. When your only neighbors are the deer and the evergreens of the Forest Preserve, it's only natural that a boy and his father should go exploring.

Linked up to Jo-Lynne's 2009 Blog Recap Carnival.

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