It Starts with a "D" and Rhymes with Quizz Knee

We returned home today after a week at Disney World. We are all so completely spent. Even Mickey couldn't imagine, nor could Minnie ever dream of how absolutely fried I am. This is my brain. This is my brain on Disney (splat, sizzle, sizzle).

(If Disney is where dreams come true, really, tell me, why didn't I get to sleep in?)

We won the trip from a local business, and though it (blessedly) didn't strain our wallets, we paid for it with every ounce of energy we could muster.

So earlier in the week, when I bellyached about how I couldn't process and write about all the memorable moments, that was me letting myself off the hook for not having the gumption (or time or computer access) to do a big in-depth Disney recap. Or a big Thanksgiving-with-my-whole-family recap. There was just too much material, every hour of every day for ten days straight.

So I didn't record any of it. And I'm totally okay with that.

Because I'm quite certain I'm not going to forget how a dozen times an hour I zoomed in with my gaze, caught their gleaming eyes, and returned their unstoppable smiles. The kids loved their Disney experience. And I loved seeing them love it.

And the looks on their faces? Photos or not, they were unforgettable.

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