I'm Still Learning What Not To Wear

The day was soiled before dawn. It started with the stripping of sheets and polka dotted sleepers. The freeing and feeding the dog. Shushing the shaking collar and singing toddler.

The morning rushed out ahead of me like that darn dog, hurdling over my feet, extending not even the courtesy of a moment to step aside. Sure. Just bound over me and remind me I'm not the alpha.

I am a human doggie door. A shoe courier, the route from the mudroom to the bedroom now an eyes-closed path.

I am a directions dispenser, opening my Pez mouth in the over and over speech. I redress the mattress, scrub the unsanctioned holiday décor off the walls, and check the urine samples. (Did you really pee in the potty or are you just pretending to get a candy?)

I am anything but alpha.

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I'm excited to contribute to (in)courage with this (slightly modified) post from my archives. So for those faithful readers wondering "didn't she already post this?", you get points for noticing. But I'll double your points if you go read at (in)courage. And triple them if you comment.

Fine print: Points from me are pretty much worthless and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for, well, for anything. Other than maybe a big smiley emoticon or an all caps THANK YOU. :-)

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