Home Is Where the Snow Is

It's so good to be home again.

Home, where the snow is real (and therefore edible). Where you can whoosh down the hill without waiting in line. Where the walkways don't move and the unpacked bags can be left unattended as long as you darn well please. (Or at least until you run out of underwear).

We arrived home just in time to enjoy the first true snowfall of the season. It was the most magical moment of our week. And to think....it didn't even require a Fast Pass!
Dani went from window to window describing the scenery. "My p'ayg'ound has snow on it! All the grass has snow on it! The houses have snow on dem! Look! The driveway has snow all da way around!"

Caed took one look and began petitioning to play outside. At 6:30 a.m. Nah, they weren't excited or anything....(Notice the princess dress was already on at sunrise. Sheridan barely opened her eyes before she asked for her "dindralella dress".)

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