Don't Judge A Book By Its Color

So much of my daily entertainment takes place in the car, listening to to my little ones talk.

On Friday evening, it started with Caed babbling about his most perfect day ever. "Oh, and Dani, we have reading books called BOB books. Those are the ones for kindergartners, not for babies and toddlers..."

"Well, I want a PINK book." (Turning to Mom.) "For my birdday in two minutes, I want you ta gimme a PINK book. Okay, Mommy? Okay??"

Caed reeled his little sis back into the conversation before I could answer. "Dani, don't be silly. Books are about reading the stories and not caring about princess colors."

What he means to say, Dani, is that you can't judge a book by its color.

And don't we all know that you can lead read a horse book to water Dani, but you can't make it drink pink?

I know, I know. I should have just left that one alone.

So, anyone read any good books lately, of any genre or color? Are there books that you and your children love to read? Bonus points if they happen to be pink.

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