At the grocery store today, after I put a jar of popcorn in the cart and promised to use the new air popper to make popcorn for snack, Dani grabbed my hand and swung it back and forth.
"Know what, Mommy? You're da best mommy EVAH."


But not everyone in the family shared that opinion. At dinner, the foodie five year old weighed in on the meal.
"Ick! This is definitely not a REAL recipe! And something is wrong with this chicken. It's way too mushy."
To which I replied, "That would be because it's not chicken. It's fish. Now eat your five bites. And NO gagging!"


And then somehow by bedtime I had managed to fall from the heights of being the Best Mommy Ever to the depths of being kicked out of the bathroom by my three year old.
"You turn on da light, Mommy. Den meave me alone, okay?"
She scooted over to the toilet, turned and wagged her finger. "I habin' my pibacy, OKAY! Now get outa here!"

Fine. I thought. But don't come crawling back to me when you need help wiping.
(Oh on second thought, please do.)


This afternoon we worked on sight words, using popcorn (of course!) as a reward. We started with easy words like but, own, did, way, want, but Caed was still struggling. So I decided to use them in a context everyone would understand.
"BUT Mommy! BUT Mommy! BUUUUT Mommy!" I started with an exaggerated whine.
"I WANT this...I WANT that....I WANT my OWN WAY!" I continued, squealing like a toddler.

They both giggled. They thought it was hilarious to hear Mommy "making a bad choice" with her words. And if I could have read Dani's mind, I'm guessing it was saying something along these lines:
Wow, and all this time, I didn't think she really heard me.


Speaking of hearing and being heard, just a quick blogkeeping item to share. I messed up changed my comments section again. I know it's annoying, but it's the only way I can figure out how to easily reply to comments via email. Sometimes I like talking back, okay?
Anyway, you don't have to register with Disqus in order to post a comment. You should be able to post as a guest and say no thanks to signing in. But if you do register (it takes about 5 seconds), then the next time you comment, it makes it faster (and thus easier). So don't be shy!

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