Wow. That was fast.

I honestly thought I'd be immune. I thought since I didn't buy into the hype, going into Christmas break with no expectations, I'd get a pass on the post holiday let down.

But it hit me today as I undressed the tree, tiptoeing around piles of needles, segregating bulbs and hooks. I'm heading the direction of the dried out Balsam Fir.


Not dramatic, this-is-such-a-hard-time down. But blah, everything-is-blah, my-to-do-list-puts-me-to-sleep down.

Caed goes back to school tomorrow. I've so enjoyed having him home, and back- to-school, back -to-always-routine-and-sometimes-rush, sounds Blah.

My list of errands and needed groceries are like a street gang congregating in front of my house. I really don't want to face them. But I can't avoid them much longer, because I've got to get inside. Which is really another way of saying we are almost out of everything edible. Except ridiculously fattening, empty calorie holiday treats. Which leads me to my next blah-blitty-blah...

I haven't been running much. And there's too much snow (and it's too cold) to take the jogger out with Dani. So that means treadmill running. And that sounds Blah. (Not to mention claustrophobic). And so now I add bodily Blah to spiritly Blah.

Even though I have every reason to rejoice. Even though just hours ago, I was sharing a sled with Dani, racing down the hill and smiling my face off. Even though this was quite possibly the best Christmas break we've ever had as a family. I could go on and on with the "even though"s.

But for some reason they keep ending in Blah. And all I can think to say is, "Really? What is it, two days after New Year's? Sheesh, that was fast."

Here's hoping the Blahs go away as quickly as they came.


How are you guys holding up against the post-holiday blues? And my advance apologies if the Blahs go viral. I didn't mean to infect anyone. Really.

(I do have a whole bunch of yippity skippity happy happy joy joy pictures burning up space in iPhoto. Maybe I'll post a montage tomorrow, you know, to make up for being such a downer tonight. )

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