The Good Kind of Barely Hanging On

There's a good kind of "barely hanging on." And this is it.

Sometimes, even the "big hill you have to tackle" is only child's play.

And it helps to remember that falling down can be the most direct path to much needed rest.
And even when your joy ride ends with a face plant, you can get up with a giggle and ask to go again.

I'm learning that life is best when you're a little bit stretched. When the hill is a bit too high, the ride a bit too fast, the air a bit too cold.

Because when the skies turn white and the cheeks pink, when your breath is warm enough to melt snowflakes and your toes are too cold to wiggle, isn't that when you feel it most? This business of being alive?Yesterday, I confessed to feeling blah.
Today, I'm feeling much much better.

And it's not because the grocery lists and laundry piles are no longer bugging the bejeebies out of me. Because they SO are.

But it's because today, after praying for months for the courage to face a season of change and unknown, I'm finally feeling that courage for the first time. I'm ready to tackle the big hill, ready for the (joy) ride of my life, ready to jump in with both (too cold to wiggle) feet, ready for real life.


This post is linked with Emily's Tuesdays Unwrapped to celebrate this small breakthrough, His gift of courage, illustrated in snowy days and finally felt deep down.

And also to Jo-Lynne's What I Learned This Week, because I feel like this truth I've been trying to talk myself into for months has finally sunk in. (At least for now!)

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