How To Dig A Snow Tunnel

1) You'll need a tennis ball.

2) You'll need a dog.

3) You'll need for the dog to be generally obsessed with the tennis ball.

4) You'll need some snow. Lots of snow. (Maybe that should have been number one?)

5) Once you have all you need, it's time to start the work. I put together this comprehensive tutorial to demonstrate exactly how it is done:

And that's what works for me. Or should I say, that's who works for me.

Now please don't turn me in to any sort of animal anti-labor protection agency. She leads a wonderful life. I swear digging tunnels is the ONLY work this sweet little pup EVER does.

Besides, she lasted only another minute before she realized the ball was NOT in the snow. And once the jig was up, guess who got to dig the rest? Uh huh. That would be the work horse we call Yours Truly.

But look how great it turned out!

For tips that are actually helpful to real life, and not just misplaced America's Hardest Working Animals clips, check out the Works for Me Wednesday carnival hosted by We Are That Family.

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