Haphazardly Awarded Happy Awards

The last week or so, I picked up a few blog "awards" for having an attitude of gratitude and making people smile.

For those of you who know me in real life, this would be your chance to jump in and offer me the That's a Load of Crap Award or the Yeah, Well You Didn't See Her This Morning Award. Because HELLO, this morning I could not have been in a more foul mood.

It's unfortunate, but it seems that the less I know you, the nicer I am. And the more I know you, the more the mean guard comes down. And when that happens, it isn't pretty.

Do you know that I had to apologize to my kids yesterday for yelling at them? And Caed's response was, "Yeah, I know, Mom, that's the kind of talk that makes me want to cry." (Hello? Mr. Badger? Any extra room in your hole in the ground?)

Last night I read a bit from Matthew, and even though I'm way over-para-phrasing, here's what stuck. Blessed are you who need me, and know it full well. Blessed are you who come to me in your wretchedness, for I will show you mercy. Blessed are you who have given up trying to be good, who've stopped building tall towers, who've ceased scheming, who finally realize I am the only Way, the only Life, the only Truth.

I am blessed in the needing and falling short. How cool is that?

And now, without any segue whatsoever, I present to you the ladies who gave me undeserved adulation:

The Lemonade Stand Award:

Michelle @ Graceful - She wrote a book! With kids underfoot! If I had the resources, I'd hire a marching band to parade around her house celebrating her gumption. Then again, she'd probably prefer peace and quiet over an uninvited loud precision band.

Corinne @ Trains, Tutus and Twizzlers - I met her! In real life!! And she is as wonderful as I made her out to be from reading her blog. (And don't worry, even though it was in real life, I was nice. Because I don't know her that well.)

Happy 101 Award:

Rebecca @ The Reluctant Homefront - Now this girl's a real gem. She held up the homefront while her husband was deployed for a long time. She gives me hope that not only can it be done, but that it can be done well.

FringeGirl @ The Domestic Fringe - I discovered FringeGirl's blog last year when she posted one of her crazy stories from her days in Maine. After exchanging a few emails, she introduced me (virtually) to a friend of hers who lived nearby me, and helped to get me plugged in to a local MOPS group. Her blog is a really fun read. It's never boring at the Domestic Fringe!

Rebekah @ It Only Gets Better - And then there's Rebekah. She's always encouraging me when I least deserve it and most need it. And she has the best sense of humor (which totally comes through on her blog). I have a feeling that if we got together, we would crack ourselves up for hours on end.

So thanks, ladies, and right back atcha!

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