And So We Did

I texted Daddy to let him know where we'd be, in case he made an early escape. He texted back to say how he wished he could join us. Take pictures, he said.

And so I did.

I told them to yell, "Hi Daddy!"
And so they did.We explored every unfenced nook and cranny of the fort. Along the way, Dani became enthralled with her shadow. "Hold my hand, Mommy," she commanded. And then not ten seconds later, she scolded me, "Hey! You're breaking my shadow! Stop breaking my shadow!" I let go of her hand. "You better run ahead," I said. "It's the only way to fix your shadow."

And so she did.
"Hey Bud! Sit down here and smile really big," I told him.
And so he did. (So big he shut his eyes, threw back his head and said "OCEAN!")

We explored up close.
We gazed from far away.

We read every sign, the ones educating us about the battery and submarines, the ones reminding us to keep off the light house lawn. And when we were through, we all grabbed hands and blended shadows.

I thought to myself that I must savor this, these fleeting moments with my girl of 3 and boy of 5, this beauty that won't always be waiting for us a few miles away.

And so I did.

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