The Quotable Kids: Animal Edition

"Mom, why don't we have a cat?" he asked.

"Because I'm not much of a cat person. I like dogs." I replied.

"Yeah, cats are boring. All they do is walk around and sneak up on people."

"Mom, how do animals work at the hospital?" he asked.

"Well, their job is to help cheer people up...." (Insert long-winded explanation about the link between happiness and health, and the joy that animals can bring to long-term care patients.)

"Yes, I bet the dogs do a good job. But not turtles. They would just be like sitting there doing nothing and staring at people." (Insert imitation of a turtle climbing the stairs at the hospital and then laying around.)


Caed isn't the only quotable kid around here these days. Dani is stepping up to the plate with some fun stuff as well, although it's far more fun when you hear it directly from her little voice. This morning I caught her with her hands around Calli's face, staring down the poor dog saying, "Now you need ta listen to my words. You do NOT step on my puzzle and wreck it up cuz dat is making a BAD choice, ohKAY?"
Calli's response, of course, was to lick Dani's face. To which Dani threw her head back and giggled. If ever a dog is going to heaven, it's my Calli-girl. She's a saint for the way she puts up with her little sister.

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