Flashback Friday: Forgetful

Umm...soooo...apparently it is Friday today?
And from what I can gather, I usually host a little Flashback Friday series here on the old (increasingly neglected) blog. But alas, I didn't provide a theme for the week, nor did I write a flashback post.

I'm blaming this week's floor-mopping frenzy for my Flashback Friday forgetfulness (and more specifically, a little too much exposure to Murphy's oil soap). I'm blaming my ridiculous indulgence in alliteration on my 10th grade English teacher.

So how about this. Let's just run with the theme of FORGETFULNESS. Write about a time when you forgot something or someone. Or write about an experience or person that was UNFORGETTABLE. Or write about whatever you please. Then come on back here and link up. Sound good?

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