Playing (with) Favorites

Once upon a weekend, there was a girl (who liked to pretend to be a Doggie-Princess) and a boy (who liked to make up games for the Doggie-Princess-Girl to play, really just so he could be the boss). And after the Boss-Game-Boy and the Doggie-Princess-Girl had transported every last blanket, toy and book to the "doggie house" in the kitchen, the Mommy (did we mention her yet?) couldn't take it anymore.

"That's it!" she barked. "Let's clean up this mess. Let's get on our shoes! We're going outside."

"But ruff-ruff, doggies don't wear shoes, ruff." Said the Doggie-Princess-Girl.
"Yes they do. Here Doggie, see if you can go faster than me getting on your shoes. Nope! I won already!" Said the Boss-Game-Boy.

"Grrrr." Thought the Mommy.

But she knew. She knew if she could just get in that car (and get those shoes on the Doggie-Girl), if she could just head toward the misty air, it would all be okay.

And she was right.

Because no sooner did they head down the Cliff Walk, the Doggie-Princess-Girl magically turned back into the Mommy's favorite little girl. And the Boss-Game-Boy magically turned back into the Mommy's favorite little boy.

And the Grumpy Mommy magically turned back into the Grateful Mommy--the one who realizes what a treat it is to play with her favorites.

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