Piling Up

Blogging is a bit like laundry. Words pile up like wrinkled pants and scrunched socks and I think to myself, I should sort those out tonight, start a load, write a post--before I forget and before we run out of clean jammies.

And then I don't. And the next night comes along. And not only are we out of clean jammies, but the words are piled so high in my head that I can't think straight. I open up the screen and stare. Where do I start?

The first few paragraphs I type come out accidentally bleached, white with "he did this", muted with "she did that". And then I delete. Because my demons taught me that if you can't write something good, don't write anything at all. I backspace my way back to a blank page.

I stare some more.

And then I go to bed, tell myself I'll write tomorrow. On my way to sleep I decide my words are officially bottle necked, jammed like barbecue sauce in a full bottle. And then I smile to myself because here I thought I had this great analogy, but I can't keep a straight face when I picture myself the shape of a bottle, flailing upside down to extract honey-chipotle flavored words.

(Also, I confess it just took me no less than 8 tries to spell barbecue correctly.)

I realize I've made a mess of this point. I should know better than to mix metaphors of laundry and barbecue sauce. But this is where I'm at. I'm spending far more time decluttering the house than decluttering my head. And while that bodes well for the condition of my hall closet, the deep-down me only piles higher.

Tomorrow, I think. Tomorrow I'll sort it out, tackle the piles.

See? Blogging really is like laundry.


Speaking of blogging, remember Flashback Friday? Yeah, me neither. Oh, I kid. I remember. I just am a wee bit behind on choosing a theme, much less writing a post. So let's go for it again this Friday, but with an open topic. If you must have a prompt for inspiration, try writing about:
1) Your first home (as a child, as a grownup, whatever)
2) A time of change
3) A memory from the 80s. I know, RAAAANdom. But the 80s are just so flashback-able, you know?

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