City Mouse Versus Country Mouse

We are home after a week of house hunting, and I simply cannot decide whether I am a city mouse or a country mouse.

I wake up feeling in love with the little old houses oozing charm at the expense of closet space, standing shoulder to shoulder on the tree-lined street like smiling toy soldiers. I picture myself walking the kids to the library, to school, to the park, to grab a cocoa and a coffee. I envision cook outs and community and a short commute.

And then I go to sleep picturing myself lounging on a deck on a summer's evening, gazing into a dark wood while the crickets fiddle a thousand good nights. I imagine Larry stoking the fire in the wood burning stove while the snow silently spreads a blanket on the lawn. I wonder if when Saturday breaks on the country lot, my children might already be the age at which I say, "Go play!", sending them into familiar acres behind the house to explore creeks and to fashion twigs into forts.

Of course, I could be happy anywhere as long as we are together as a family. But it doesn't stop me from asking--from wondering--what suits us best? Where will we be the happiest? What is the best choice for us?

So what are you--a city mouse or a country mouse? What do you love most about the city or the country? And--whether you know me outside of this blog or not--what do you picture me as--the city or country type? (C'mon! We could use some swaying to one side or the other. Although, that being said, if we end up where you sway us and hate it, you know Larry is going to blame the blog for all eternity. But no pressure or anything.)

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