Flashback Friday: Our First Family Vacation

He was a year and four chins old when we took our first family vacation. He was as happy a baby as he was pudgy. And did I mention he was too cool for school?
I mean, how many toddlers do you know that can do such a spot on Dr. Evil impression?
And what's a vacation without naps in the hammock with Daddy?
Or, if you happen to be the oft-neglected dog, what's a vacation without a little game of surf and fetch?
And to top it all off, some of our best friends in the whole wide world joined us for the week-long beach hiatus. Even at 12 and 21 months, Caed and Max were inseparable.
(And yes, those are some serious cankles he's got going on.)


Your turn! Write a post (or unearth an old one) that takes us down memory lane, and then come on back here to link it up. Pretty please?
Oh, and just a heads up that we'll be taking a break from Flashback Friday next week, returning to regularly scheduled programming on April 30th.

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