Dani's got a brand new bed

Her joy is incontainable. My girl is unrestrainable.

No longer behind bars at night, this freebird has officially traded her crib for a bed, and A BIG GIRL bed at that.

I had resolved to keep her in the crib until she exceeded the legal weight limit or started using the rails to hoist herself up onto the ceiling fan for some early morning Cirque de Soliel training.

But in a moment of weakness, I simply acquiesced to her darling request two nights ago, "No s'eep in c'ib. S'eep in Dani's bed, p'ease." Had she pronounced all of her "L"s, I might not have been such a goner. But she said "p'ease". So what can a mother do, especially one still wrought with guilt over the great pacifier deception?

So far, it's been a fairly uneventful transition. I haven't (yet) awoken to the sound of the toilet overflowing and the sight of every last wash cloth shoved into the toilet bowl. And none of my hair products have been emptied and turned into construction materials for a texturized and volumized path of destruction throughout the bathroom. Well, at least not in the middle of the night.

And speaking of hair products, Sheridan styled her hair this morning. Ironically, she used the detangler spray to tease her lovely locks. Hey Dani, Cyndi Lauper called. She wants her hair back. Um, wait, no, she doesn't? She said you can keep it. Because we all know Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Time after Time.

But now that you're in a big girl bed, how about we keep the crazy mischief confined to the waking hours? P'ease?

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