Note to self: No more driving with Guinness

I just had a near-ditch experience.  

I was driving along in a snowstorm with Guinness on my lap, minding my own business.  Normally, I would use a cup holder for Guinness.  But despite the fact he's a miniature Dachshund, the squeeze was just too tight. 

The roads had not been plowed AT ALL because apparently my town's department of public works believes that Sunday should be a day of rest.  Or maybe the Patriots game was on.  

It would have been fine had Guinness stayed put.  But instead, he used my lap as a springboard for exploration from the window, to the steering wheel, to the cup holders, to the other window, and back.  You should've seen that poor dog's face when he accidentally rolled the driver's side window down.  So I'm sputtering down my friend's street, to the destination where Guinness was to be safely deposited, laughing so hard I can barely see. Oh, and it's snowing like mad.  And the road is covered halfway up to the mailboxes with the white stuff.  And there is a dog doing circus tricks in the front seat.    

It's a doggone miracle we didn't end up in the ditch!

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