Light-Housekeeping Items

First, I feel I should clarify that we do not, in fact, live at the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth. One of my dear friends (who incidentally lives in Istanbul and therefore hasn't had the chance to visit us in Maine) thought that perhaps the picture in the blog header was us walking off into the sunset in the shadows of our coastal dream house. Sorry to disappoint, but the rocky coast is not crashing about in our backyard. We just have a swingset and some overgrown shrubbery. It's probably for the better, as it lowers the risk of the kids and/or dog wandering off to sea when I turn my head for a second.

The other little tidbit I have to confess is that I am "back-blogging." And what a big backblog it is. I realize I am now banned from saying "I don't have time to... (fill in the blank)...because I'm so busy with work and the kids." Anyone who has time to methodically migrate one hundred old blog posts to a new site, for no reason other than OCD, cannot complain about there "not being enough time in the day." It's okay though, because there are still plenty of other things I'm allowed to complain about. And as soon as I'm done back-blogging (might be years), I can start in again about how I barely have time to brush my teeth.

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