I'm a sore loser

And not even Little Debbie can comfort me now.  The official results are in from the Haiku contest at Rocks in my Dryer.  And I am not the winner, which technically makes me a loser. 

I made the mistake of telling Caed about the contest--specifically that I would win a box of "special treats" if I garnered the most votes.  Not one to forget anything, ever, he asked me today if I won enough "botes".  After surmising that he was referring to the contest and not randomly inquiring about sea-faring vessels, I answered his question.  

"Nope, Mommy didn't win this one."  

And within seconds, he was whining about how he really wanted a special treat, and not the kind that I get at the store, the kind he's NEVER HAD BEFORE.  

To which I quickly replied, "That's okay, maybe we'll treat ourselves to a box of Little Debbie's from the store!"  And I was genuinely enthusiastic about it too.  Because that was my plan all along if I didn't win.

But Caed kept whining,  "Oh, man, I am so bitter!  I wanted them to come to our house.  The store is sooo far away, and it's gonna take too long."  (It's fitting to note here that he has added "I'm so bitter" and "This is freaking me out" to his regular vocabulary.  Can't imagine where he picked that up.)

So that's the loser part.  Now for the sore part.

Last night I tried out some more poses on Wii Fit yoga.  (Are they called poses?  Maybe it's positions? Or perches?)  Anyway, being the former gymnast and current semi-exercise enthusiast that I am, the whole time I'm deep breathing, I'm thinking, "C'mon this is so lame.  I don't feel a burn.  This is doing nothing for me."  Then I did a bunch of cardio in hopes of unlocking some more exercises, but it only gave me more lame yoga stuff.   So I ran a few miles on the treadmill (thank you, Jack Bauer, for inspiring me to "do whatever it takes" in that last mile), and called it a night.

Then I woke up this morning.  And I was sore.  Not running muscles sore.  YOGA sore.  As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "ooohh BURRN."

To the Wii Fit users out there, I know of at least one sore loser that could use some encouragement.  What are your favorite exercises (the ones you enjoy, the ones that give you a good workout)?  Does it get to be easier (and more fun) as you unlock more stuff?  Will I ever make peace with the Yoga lady?

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