Tales from the Snow Plow Mound

Why drive across town to the sledding hill when you have a perfectly good snow plow mound right in your very own front yard?

Besides, this way, the dog can participate too. And yes, it is possible that at least one animal was harmed in the making of this video, but only because said animal can't seem to keep her wagging tush away from the center of the action.

I have to confess I was a complete grumpy-snow-pants leading up to and during the donning of the extra ten pounds of outerwear. But my first face-plant (while attempting to demonstrate to Caed how to go down the snow plow mound head first) knocked some happy into me, and the little guy and I couldn't stop cackling.

You've heard of Milk Mustache, but have you ever seen Snow Gotee?

And finally, I'm serving up some hot cocoa (or a peppermint mocha, if that's your hot drink happy place) to the commenter with the best caption for this photo:

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