It turns out I was wrong

The grandparents DO like it when you blog on and on about barf. In fact, I just received an email from Nana wondering when I was going to post “part 3” of my “gift that kept on giving” series. I can always tell my mom is feeling better when she returns from her cyberspace hiatus to inquire about the status of our digestive tracts.
So here’s the scoop. The boys eventually got it too. Caed was a trooper and bounced back quickly. Larry survived as well and is already back at work (although he probably could use another week of sleep to fully recover). And I no longer live in dread of waking up to the sound of gagging in the night or hosting another all-night vigil by the washing machine. Because everyone in my household has been there, done that, and then some. And we are so over it!

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