Absolute Happiness, Relative-ly Speaking

Could I get a tall glass of gorgeous life, on the rocks, please? Oh, and don't forget a big chubby helping of happy.
Whoa, you guys! Wait for me! How am I gonna be in the moment with you if you keep leaving me in the dust, huh?
So I gave my sister the camera, and apparently she thought that was her cue to take a million pictures of my back side. Why I'm even posting some of them is beyond me. But I do know the reason for this next photo. I thought it was cute that the kids were waving to a crowd of Harley riders at Fort Williams, who were so very sweet to wave and yell back with surprising enthusiasm. (Is it okay to refer to Harley riders as "sweet"? I think so. I mean, Sherri and Big Al are Harley riders, and is anyone sweeter than Sherri?)
The cousins are getting along beautifully. Caed and Grace have paired up in their affinity for adventure and imaginative play. (Remind me to tell you the story about how Quiet Time turned into Must Save the Planets & The Entire Universe From Destruction Time).

And even Dani has found it within her heart to welcome her cousins with open arms. In fact, she has been following Glory around like a puppy dog, calling her "Monny" (she's just not a fan of Gs, Ls and Rs) and insisting that Glory sleep in her room, use one of her blankets, and generally be her BFF.

I was also predicting a total meltdown once Dani discovered that "the baby" (aka Molly) was using her old pack-n-play, and went to great lengths of stealthiness to hide the crib usage from my territorial toddler. So you can imagine my surprise when Dani proudly announced tonight as she slipped her foot into her jammies, "The baby s'eeps in MY cwib and I s'eep in my big gu'l bed. I s'aring wid da baby!"

Well. Who's a big girl now?

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