Adventures in Ferry Boating

First of all, my sister Robin and I deserve an award for getting our brood out of the house before 8:30 a.m. In lieu of awards, we'd take some coffee, chocolate or ice cream (or a combination thereof). Okay, okay. It was reward enough just to see the smiles on our children's faces when we boarded the ferry boat. (No. That's a lie. We still want a mocha frappe.)

To get us going in the right direction, Caed and Glory volunteered to consult the map of Funtown Splashtown they picked up in the Casco Bay Ferry terminal. They discussed the route to Peaks Island at length, "No, this is scaryworld. And over here is castleplace. And we should check out that sliding thingy. Wait, I think we need to gooooo....THIS WAY!"

Once aboard the ferry, we took our seats at the tip top of the ship and Glory held on to her newest BFF (purely for safety reasons, of course).And because the whole reason you sit at the tip top is for the views, I'm sure no one is going to blame me for taking some pictures. Besides, it's entirely possible Robin took these while I was living in the moment, right?

(Okay, the truth is, Robin was preoccupied with keeping her girls from climbing on the railings because apparently, they wouldn't have minded going for a swim. And Robin, being the good mother that she is, told them to scoot way back, that is, after she got a few good pictures of them near the railing).

Here's a view of the fair city from which we departed.

And of our morning's destination:

And here's the blurriest picture you'll ever see of the Portland Head Light paired with the clearest view of the Spring Point Ledge lighthouse. What, you've never heard of the Spring Point Ledge lighthouse? Yeah, I hadn't either. I had to google it.So once we deboarded the ferry boat, we headed straight for the local beach. It was a cozy, gentle beach, perfectly suited for its home on Peaks Island.

Once the kids were thoroughly warned on the excursion-ending consquences of submerging their whole bodies in the water, we let them run off to chase gulls, throw shells and flirt with the surf. Robin took some more fantastic photos, but my back side was in them again, and so they didn't make the cut. After all, this blog is supposed to be about the children, not nomination material for What Not to Wear.
Snack time on the rocks was our opportunity to get a picture of the cousins all looking and smiling. Between my sis and I, we probably made a hundred attempts. And one turned out. That sounds about right as probabilities go, right?

So, are you tired of all these family adventure style blog posts by now? Well, too bad. Because there are probably more coming. And just like we told the kids who desparately wanted to put their whole selves in the frigid water, "You can't always get what you want.....But if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get what you need!"

And in that case, I sincerely hope that what I need is a Mocha Frappe.

So, what's your weekend hold? Any big adventures planned? Or perhaps just some trips out for coffee and/or ice cream?

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