How to (Inadvertently) Scar Your Children - Method #462

Any guesses what this is?I'll give you a hint. Sheridan was mortified.

Come on, just take a guess. If you get it right, I'll give you a High Good Guesser Five. Or write a poem in your honor and post it here on a rainy day. Which could be any day this summer, so you'll want to check back often.

Did I make that too difficult? Because my Mom just called perplexed as to why I posted pictures of feminine hygiene products. No, definitely not it. So here's a hint:

So, I pretty much GAVE it to you. (And for the record, it was the washing machine--NOT me--who caused the irreparable damage).

And without further adieu, I'm whipping out some random for you:

1) Remember all those things I said I'd do "on a cold day in July"? Yeah, I didn't mean it. (Today is Day 3 of cold (and rain) in July. But I'm not complaining. I'm hurling myself into the pit of despair. And possibly sinking further into despondency and rage. But I'm not complaining.

2) I'll put the link up for Stories in my Pocket later tonight. So get your stories ready to link up! However, unless the skies open up today and pour out a few hours of quiet time, it's likely I won't be posting this week's installment until Sunday. I hope you can overlook my strict disregard for self-imposed deadlines. And if you can't, then I'd like to confront you about the blog in your own eye. (If you didn't get that painfully corny attempt at a joke, see Matthew 7:4.)

3) I don't have three. But it wouldn't seem random enough if there were only two.

4) On second thought, I do have three. I forgot to tell you to have a wonderful weekend! And for those of you who celebrate the 4th of July, be careful with those sparklers, mmkay? (This video--which I'm hopefully embedding below is a MUST SEE for fireworks safety. Okay not really, but it's hilarious):

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