Get the Picture - Take 1

Melissa of A Familiar Path just launched a Using Your Camera (without reading the manual!) series, and today she's asked for a bit of show and tell.

I feel like she's writing this series just for me, seeing as I'm the poster child for the manual-adverse crowd. I'd sooner cuddle up under lamplight with a legal brief than comb through an instruction manual on an electronic device. But alas, I love my little camera, which, as my husband would attest, is constantly set on tourist mode. Which means it chronically flashes and snaps to be point of embarrassing my ever uncooperative subjects.

But thanks to Melissa, I found a few new ways to embarrass my husband capture great photos of my family. Specifically, I benefited from her tutorial on "SCN". I didn't realize SCN stands for "scene", nor did I know my camera has SEVERAL different scene settings. (I know, I get the "Duh Award" for the day).

Now, I have no idea which scene settings were used for these pictures. I just know that I toggled between the "kids and pets", the "beach", and the "night snapshot" SCN settings to capture these shots.

This one reminds me of an 80s era Ralph Lauren ad. Except without the exceptional photographic quality. And the model is much younger. And much cuter.
Ahoy matey!

I am pretty sure I shot this next photo using "beach" mode. The setting sports a graphic of sun and waves to represent the mode, which is an awfully big assumption considering the sun and the beach are not often paired around here. But on this particular day, I was lucky enough to have both sun and beach, and to take a million pictures in that setting. Here is one of them:
I took this last set of pictures at dusk, after bribing encouraging the children to finish their eggplant parmesan in a timely manner, waving the carrot possibility of ice cream in front of their faces.
So thanks, Melissa! Whether or not my photos reflect it, I did learn something new. And I'm looking forward to the next lesson!

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