And a Parade To Boot!

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by running away from home and abandoning my husband to deal with "Miss Independence" independently? by running a 10K through a classic Americana town?

Larry graciously assumed responsibility for the kiddos while I ran footloose and stroller free. Waylaid by traffic and tantrums, the kids didn't quite make it in time to see my triumphant finish.

So when they finally arrived and I cajoled them into taking an anti-climatic picture near the finish line, they were of course thrilled. Please try to contain your excitement, dear children.

But it's understandable that my presence was so uninspiring to them, particularly given my competition:

Yeah, yeah, Mom, good ta see ya, but can you get out of the way? You're blocking the boooot!!" Do you know how it feels to be upstaged by a boot? Not good, people. Not good.

And of course, no fourth of July would be complete without face painting. Caed thought it was terrific, in spite of the fact that his faux face viper is hissing and slithering toward his sweet, innocent little ear.
Now this cheek is a bit more kissable:
And then there were naps. Oh happy day. It was like one big long moment (hour!) of silence for the Founding Fathers, which benefited me far more directly than Thomas Jefferson.

And because there were naps, there were also fireworks. And I'll tell you right now I'm not one of those people that even attempts pictures of fireworks. Because they usually turn out to be a combination of blurry and spooky that prompts me not to sing Yankee Doodle Dandy, but to wonder if I do indeed "see dead people".

That said, I did get a picture of this little firecracker. Here she is, Miss Independence 2009, caught in a rare vulnerable moment, where she clings to Daddy for dear life.
So what was the highlight of your holiday?

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