You Get All This for Zero Easy Payments! (You're Welcome)

Just a quick reminder that Stories in my Pocket will return tomorrow. And it is likely that this will be the last installment for a little while. So get your story ready to link up before this opportunity passes you by! And if you link now, we'll throw in a few extra site hits absolutely free! That's right, absolutely free. That's no charge to you, not even for shipping and handling. Not even a surcharge for Canada or Hawaii! How can you pass up this never-before-seen-on-TV offer (which incidentally, is still not seen on TV)?
So get ready to link up. It might be your last chance! But no pressure or anything.

For a refresher on the concept behind this series, click here.

Or, you can click here to catch up on all the stories written thus far.

And now, on a totally unrelated note, because I simply can't resist, I present to you the latest facial fashion of the season. It's a great wax-free way to cover those unsightly upper lip hairs, and eliminates all need for lip gloss. Mmmm. Tastes like summer!

Happy Friday!

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