Flops and All

I am not a try-new-things-and-don't-worry-if-it-flops kind of girl. Oh no, I worry about flopping. So I usually stick to the recipe, stay on the auto button, and take the beaten path.

But this week, I made a new recipe. (It flopped its way into the garbage.) Then I experimented with my camera settings and explored a path freshly carved by Hurricane Bill himself.

It turns out flopping really isn't as bad as I make it out to be. (Though the kids who had to eat the stuffed squash might beg to differ). And pushing myself to explore can take me to beautiful places, flops and all.

Thanks Melissa, for the continued encouragement to get our cameras off Auto and for the practical how-to lessons! I'm offering these photos up in response to her call for a bit of Show and Tell.

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