I've been wearing the same pair of grumpy pants three days in a row. I've been trying to snap out of them. I've been praying for a new outfit, perhaps one that comes with a paint-your-own smile. You know, because you're never fully dressed without one of those.

But then I tell myself it's no use changing, because whatever I put on is just going to get dirty. I mean, there's the spilled milk (yes, my life is a cliche), the bloody forehead (in the literal sense, not the cool British swearing sense), the greasy fingerprints (seriously, why did she just touch the underbelly of the car? is THAT what she thinks I mean when I say "Climb in your seat"?).

The calendar record keeps skipping. Monday. Monday. Monday. I adjust the needle and seconds later it's Mondaying again. And can you see what bad shape I'm in now, that I just turned a day of the week into a verb? (But did you notice how Mondaying sounds just like Mundane, if you say it like you live south of the Mason-Dixon? That's no coincidence, my friends.)

But of course I know better to complain. It is morally reprehensible to huff around because you're just sick of sorting clothes and figuring out what 2T dresses fit while the princess rearranges it all with her pink slippered feet. Because is having too much stuff to sort really a problem? Really? Because I'm sure it isn't for the mother a dozen towns away who doesn't have a single pair of pants to send her son to school in.

And for every complaint that creeps up I have a dozen examples of why it doesn't count. "I can't complain!" I lecture myself. And then my complainy self swipes another reeses cup and calls my high-and-mighty-look-at-the-bright-side self a bloody Pollyanna. (And bloody in the British swear word sense this time).

So, interestingly enough (or not), I began this post with the only goal of telling you I have a new Blog Button. But would you believe I got off course in the very first sentence? Too much Mondaying, I tell you.

But really, I have this new thing called a Blog Button. It's what the cool kids do to promote their blogs, and my friend Amber told me I should get one. And since she is the coolest kid ever, I had to do what she said. I can't not listen to Amber. So if you have a blog and if you like to put pretty buttons on it, and if (big if here) you like me and aren't afraid to admit it, you can "grab the code" (that's cool kid talk for copy the text below the picture), and add it to your sidebar.

I can't believe it took me seven paragraphs and eight uses of parentheses to tell you about my Blog Button. What can I say? It's Monday (again). Oops, make that nine uses of parentheses....

p.s. If you really want the button, you'll find it on my sidebar now with the grab-ready html.

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