Mom School

Overheard on the way to Kindergarten for "transition" day:
"Mom, I have a good idea. While I go to Kindergarten, you can go to Mom School".
Me: "What do they do at Mom school?"
Caed: "How should I know? I've never been there before!"

Today I posted the exchange above as my Facebook status, and several friends chimed in to inquire about the Mom School curriculum. I thought it might be helpful to address those questions here.

1) Will there be nap time? Yes, but you'll need to bring your own nap mat. And if you can't sleep, you are allowed to rest quietly and read books.

2) Will I get my own desk? Of course! And you will be required to sit quietly in it all day. Did you hear that? You get to SIT. QUIETLY.... ALL DAY!

3) Is Mom school the same as heaven?
No, but it's awfully close, my friends. Awfully close.

So any other Mom School questions out there?

What curriculum do you think should be mandatory in Mom School?

And yes, this is my not-so-veiled attempt to joke about how fun it would be to have hours and hours to myself when really I'm ready to weep at the mere mention of my firstborn baby going to Kindergarten.

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