Let's Just Wander Out Loud, Shall We?

I'm feeling a bout of melancholy coming on. Don't worry. It's the good kind. The kind that draws me to feel and think more deeply, to live more thoroughly. It's not so great for getting the housework done, and I wouldn't be much fun at a party right now. But nobody throws parties on Mondays anyway. And the house isn't going to fall apart in one day. (Although it's possible it will in one summer, and it's possible it already has. But let's not worry about that now.)

This pensive propensity usually prompts me with the urge to connect. I know, it's strange. You'd think the opposite--like as a melancholic introvert I'd just want to lose myself in my own head. I don't. It's lonely in there, and that leads to the bad kind of melancholy. I'd rather get lost in thought with a friend, wonder and wander out loud, take a seat on a bench together, find out how we're the same and how we're different.

Anyway, now that we've completed an excessively long lead in (a side effect of the melancholy no doubt), I want to ask you a favor.

Will you answer a few questions for me? Pretty please? In an effort to connect with the folks who frequent here, I'd love to hear your answers to these questions:

1) Do you have a blog? If yes, will you share your favorite post of all time? Just put the permalink in the comments so I can click right to it.

2) What is it you like to read here? Is it the serious stuff? The lighthearted, sappy mommy stuff? If you've been around for more than one post, I'm sure you know that my "voice" has not made up her mind about what she will be when she grows up. Maybe you could help her with that.

3) What do we have in common? Surely there is a thing or twenty--be it geography, hair color, a tendency toward the melancholy?

So please sit down a minute and tell me a thing or two. I just scooched over on the bench, and there's plenty of room.

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